Exploring Venice one picture at time

Venice is like the modern day 'bundus'. There are no roads, no cars, no bicycles. So, if you're into boats, canals and stunning buildings floating on water - then Venice is a must for you.


5 Reasons To Love Amsterdam

Amsterdam has never been on my travel bucket list. However, once the opportunity to visit Amsterdam availed its self – I became excited & wanted to know more about the place. So, after doing a few touristy things in the 2 days that I was there, here are my 5 reasons to love Amsterdam.

Traditional Xhosa Wedding – Futhi & Sonwabo

Couldn’t have asked a better person to capture our beautiful day!

Liane Kim blog

This was such a special day.  I was welcomed as part of the family into the home, and I felt such a sense of love and community as I witnessed all the preparations of the day. Decorations were being laid in the beautiful marquee and mountains of food was being prepared.  Every room was filled with women, there were stories being told and the air was filled with laughter and singing.

Xhosa8.jpgCollage4.jpg_LKC4762.jpgCollage3.jpgThere is so much symbolism and tradition in the Xhosa wedding attire – I am going to do a separate piece in my blog about this as I really struggled to find information prior to the event. My greatest understanding came from speaking to family members on the day.Xhosa1.jpgXhosa2.jpgXhosa3.jpgCollage.jpgXhosa5.jpgXhosa7.jpg

The groom’s family then arrived bearing blankets and gifts. This part of the ceremony included singing, dancing, negotiations, and more singing. Upon ‘acceptance’ there was the symbolic ‘opening’ of the gates for the two families to join, followed by…

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