Exploring Venice one picture at time

Venice is like the modern day 'bundus'. There are no roads, no cars, no bicycles. So, if you're into boats, canals and stunning buildings floating on water - then Venice is a must for you.


3 Fun Facts about Italy

There are a few things that Kelly (awesome Topdeck tour leader) shared with us about Italy (others I researched). I’ll share the ones that stood out for me, it's really just 2.

24 hours in Florence, Italy

So, what does one do in Florence when they have only a day? Here it goes! We started off with a private leather demonstration; we now know what makes Italian leather special. Included on our itinerary was a Florence walking tour which, by the way, can only be done by a local #TisTheLaw.

Picture of Eiffel Tower

Rookie Nomads on the Move

The Topdeck Winter Wonder Tour covers 8 countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium