A day in the life of: Futhi Xala

Name: Futhi Xala

Age: 30

Home City / Country: Straight outta Benoni, South Africa

Current Occupation:  Social Media Specialist and an occasional blogger

Time I wake up: 4:30AM

The first thing I do in the morning: Receive lots of kisses from my cute pup, grab my phone, text my training buddy, motivate her to get up & meet me at the gym in 30 min.


Follow Cloe on Insta @CloeTheCuteDog_

My typical breakfast: Boiled Eggs #ForTheLoveOfProtein

Here’s what my morning commute is like: Long but, with no traffic and great sing along tunes! 120 km/h all the way.

I spend most of my day doing: Analysing content on the social pages I look after, coming up with content for trending topics. In meetings to figure how I can add a social media element to upcoming brand campaigns.

After work or school, I like to:  Doing aerobics at work with my colleagues (Mondays & Wednesdays), chill with my two favs (hubs & Cloe our cute furry baby).

A fun night for me includes: Lots of good wine or beer with husband person, and being surrounded by great friends & family.


Time I go to sleep: I usually pass out at about 9PM in front of the TV & eventually peel myself off the couch at about 11PM.

Last thing I do at night: Plan my day so I check my calendar for the next day, pray and it’s lights out.

My favourite thing to do for fun: Mini DIY projects to do at home. Planning weekend getaways. Attending fitness parties, attending home expos and-and-and…


My cousin, Phumeza & I at the Women’s Health Fit Night Out in Feb

My biggest fear right now: Not giving my best in everything I do.

My biggest hope right now: To achieve all the goals I’ve set for myself & family.

Someday I’d like to: Stop working, study interior design & just do my thing!

The biggest challenge I have overcome so far: Not trusting myself. In the past, I’ve let so many opportunities pass me by simply because I didn’t trust myself.

The biggest challenge I hope to overcome:  Negative body image.

Being a woman is wonderful because:  We always know where everything is (ask my husband), we’re super humans, we can host other humans inside our bodies for NINE months #BabyMakingMachine. NINE! We’re born with a multitasking gene. I could go on for years but, I’ll leave it here.


Being a woman is a challenge because: We constantly have to deal with double standards. We can never be selfish in a way that the opposite sex is, it’s not in our DNA.

I am a Mogul because: As per the meaning of the word I’m important and powerful.



2 thoughts on “A day in the life of: Futhi Xala

  1. Gabi Khoza says:

    Took me a while to read or even find your blog because as your know I have certain challenges with technology. I’m so glad that this day finally came because iam not disappointed and after Sobs, I’m probably your next biggest fan. You never cease to amaze me.

    Liked by 1 person

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