Tour Soweto like a tourist

There are so many beautiful places in Joburg that we take for granted, simply because they are “so in our faces’ like, the famous Vilakazi Street in Soweto.  Made famous by the late, Tata Nelson Mandela.  I’ve been to Vilakazi Street a few times; however, I’ve always taken for granted the history – because I’d never taken historical footsteps through the township.  In comes DzeDze Travel & Tours!

Group Pic

Whilst looking for a few birthday activities for Sonwabo (husband person)  & I – I came across DzeDze travel & tours on Groupon.  A bicycle tour with 10 stops, a meal and beer tasting at a local brewery, I know,absolutely amaze!  Sonwabo & I are fans of bicycle tours – we had our first experience in Amsterdam, post on that coming soon.

Okay, back to Soweto. There’s nothing more welcoming than a host that is super excited to be your host, an enthusiastic individual, absolutely passionate about Soweto, his home – that was “Abit” our tour guide.  Throughout the tour, his energy & enthusiasm were just contagious.


I can’t remember all the stops, however, here are few that I can (there were actually more than the 10 we paid for)

  • Hector Pieterson Memorial
  • Hector Pieterson’s school
  • The Clinic Hector was being taken to
  • Mama Winnie Mandela’s house
  • Ubuntu Kraal
  • Arch Bishop Tutu’s house
  • Mandela’s house
  • Vilakazi Street

Our stop at the Hector Pieterson Memorial was emotional. Hector was killed on 16 June 1976 during a protest.  School children were protesting against having Afrikaans as the main language used to teach them in township schools. Hector Pieterson has become a reminder of the day, mainly because  of a photograph by Sam Nzima – which has been published across the globe.  The picture is of a lifeless Hector carried by a local, with Hector’s sister on his right. Today 16 June is National Youth Day to honour young people. Unfortunately, the memorial plaque for Hector has been vandalised a few times by the locals.  I assume they haven’t a clue what the plaque stands for. #IgnoranceIsNOTbliss.

More Highlights.png

One of my proudest moments was a tour of a Soweto brewery, “Ubuntu Kraal Brewery” home of the “Soweto Gold Lager” one of their most popular lager. We obvs had a beer tasting session. The four we tried were; Orlando Stout, Apple Ale (192 calories never tasted this good, my fav),  Superior Lager, and Gogo’s Ginger, another fav.

The brewery has won a few awards – not surprise at all! If beer is your thing, give them a call for your own special brew. #FuthiLimitedEditionAle

ubuntu kraal brewery.png

We wouldn’t be at a township if having ikota (bunny chow) & gum boots dance entertainment were not on the agenda!


Let’s support local businesses!

Dze Dze Tours:

Ubuntu Kraal:



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