3 Fun Facts about Italy

There are a few things that Kelly (awesome Topdeck tour leader) shared with us about Italy (others I researched).  I’ll share the ones that stood out for me, it’s really just 3.


Drinking cappuccino after 10am is a direct and major violation of an Italian Food Rule. So, if you order a cappuccino after 10am forget about getting a smile from the person serving you.  Why? Italians (not me, Italians), believe that the fresh milk in the drink has a negative effect on digestion.  Also, milk is a meal on its own to the Italians.  If you drink a cuppa before work or school it requires no other food to accompany it, that on its own is a full on breaky! #VeryOdd #ThatsNotBreakfast

10am special.png


Something I didn’t know but made sense after was this, an authentic Italian pizza won’t have more than 3 toppings (I nearly died when she said that, there go my extra olives). Some of the best pizzas I’ve had, had only 3 toppings. More is not merrier in this case. #KeepCalm



The Italian mafia accounts for 7% of Italy’s GDP, yes organized crimes are flourishing there. #MafiaRules




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