Switzerland – you beauty!

Now, here is one country I could grow old in, Switzerland. If you’re one for efficiency, then Switzerland is for you. If you’re one for the cleanest water in the world, then Switzerland is for you.  Did I mention that Switzerland is considered to be one of the best countries to be born in?  Yup, it is! Topdeck made sure we experienced the best of the country, the optional activities chosen were nothing but impressive.

Engelberg (the town where we visited) has a distinct and rustic character. The unique architecture gives the village its very own charm.

Side Note: I was so mesmerised by the Alps, that I didn’t take any pictures of the buildings – I know I’m a chop, lol!


Engelberg, Switzerland

Switzerland is known as a wine country (only 1 – 2% of Swiss wine is exported).  However, they’ve now advanced to brewing GOOD beer! We enjoyed a glass or two or more of Affligem beer, which has a slightly sweet maltiness taste. Yum!


Optional activities included going up Mount Titlis and skiing.  We decided not to partake in the activity as we’re not big on skiing  – and I came down with the flu. We opted to explore Engelberg on foot. We visited the Cheese Factory and the Benedictine Monastery. They make all types of cheese with milk bought from local farmers.
The Monastery – hosts the church with the largest pipe organ in Switzerland. Sorry, no visuals here – blame the Swiss Alps.

EngelbergCheese Factory.jpg

Fondue anyone? My husband, who may I mention does NOT like cheese, ate the fondue as though he was getting paid! Blame it on the Swiss.

you are lovely

I wouldn’t be in Switzerland if I didn’t indulge on Toblerone, oh, and the Swiss Alps are not as perfectly lined up like the ones on the Toblerone – still gorgeous none the less.


Switzerland Fun Facts:

  • The county has a population of 8 million, where which 6% it are elderly people.
  • Switzerland can protect its entire population (8 million), should they ever be under attack. Hotels, hospitals and more, post the ’90s are all built with bunkers. These shelters can protect that buildings’ current capacity at any given time; this is compulsory for all public buildings in Switzerland.
  • The Pope’s Swiss Guards, are Swiss. Why? The Swiss military is still one of the best in the world. #DontFucksWithTheSwiss
  • Teachers in Switzerland earn approximately $120,000 per annum, which is almost 50% more than what teachers in the USA make.
  • People in Switzerland are ‘Stepford Wives’ friendly; it was rather unsettling.
  • It’s estimated that the Swiss solar panels will account for 20% of the countries electricity by 2025!

Next up Florence, Italy!


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