Picture of Eiffel Tower

Rookie Nomads on the Move

I’ve always imagined my honeymoon would be on a secluded island, with just the sound of the waves serenading us & of course, doing what newlyweds do, ssh!  Well, that was the initial idea.  However, an opportunity to try a Topdeck tour came along, yay!

Now, future hubs & I have not been on our Winter Wonder Tour as of yet (19 days to go), but the level of service we’ve received by far has exceeded our expectations.


Us in Xai-Xai, Mozambique

Fiancé person & I have never travelled overseas together.  So, to make this experience as stress-free as possible having the agent booking our tour ‘baby’ us from day one has been our saving grace!

Things we weren’t aware of as rookies planning their tour to Europe

  • Not sure what we were thinking, however, we thought a UK ‘Tourist Visa’ would suffice.
    A platinum level nomad is probably judging me right now (bleh!).  Turns out an Italian Schengen Visa  is required.  Italian because that’s is where our longest stay will be.
  • Opt to start your tour in Paris, France & end off in Amsterdam, Netherlands (especially if you have a South African passport) & n

    Winter Wonder Itinerary

    ot London. Why? You’ll only need a Schengen Visa & not an additional UK Visa.

  • Luckily, Topdeck does allow you to start the Winter Wonder Tour in Paris & not London. #WeLoveFlexibility #LetsBeNiceToTheBudget
  • Book your flights sooner than later, with the Rand / Dollar exchange rate fluctuating as much as it is right now, go with your gut & just make the booking!
  • Lastly, because the Winter Wonder Tour is one of the best tours to complete your European bucket list, book it as soon as possible, as it does sell out quite fast. #WalalaWasala

The Winter Wonder Tour covers 8 countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

Only 19 days to go, CANNOT WAIT!


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