IMG_5682I have been putting off writing my very first blog post for some time now. So, I do apologise if my intro is lame, it is probably because I’ve spent too much time googling how to write a “catchy intro” or “points every intro blog must have.”

My name is Ntombifuthi (Futhi, in short, I prefer that to Ntombi).

While I would love to manage your expectations and tell you what awesome content I’ll be writing and more, I won’t. All I can say is, I love to travel, prepare for posts about old & new travels. I love home decor, prepare for what I consider hectic DIY projects – might be trivial to some of you, and I love food! So, prepare for posts on food. I’m a pescetarian, don’t expect many meat recipes.

As mentioned, I have spent too much time figuring out what my intro blog should include so, it might be a tad bit lame. I promise to do better in my next post.

Side Note: I’m getting married in March so, expect a few posts on that!


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